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Product: Wire Rope 7×7 (316) (in meters)

Product Code Type/Size
CR-0004-0010 1.0mm
CR-0004-0015 1.5mm
CR-0004-0020 2.0mm
CR-0004-0025 2.5mm
CR-0004-0030 3.0mm
CR-0004-0040 4.0mm
CR-0004-0050 5.0mm
CR-0004-0055 5.5mm
CR-0004-0060 6.0mm
CR-0004-0065 6.5mm
CR-0004-0080 8.0mm


Stainless Steel Strand wire rope, boasts an impressive array of qualities that make it indispensable for various applications. What sets it apart is its remarkable breaking load, which surpasses many of its counterparts. This higher breaking load signifies unparalleled strength, making it an ideal choice for projects demanding structural integrity beyond the ordinary.

Its construction is nothing short of rigid excellence. The tightly woven strands create a solid core, offering exceptional resistance to deformation or stretching. This rigidity ensures that it retains its shape and strength even under substantial loads. Which makes wire rope a go-to choice for critical applications like bridge suspensions and canopy supports.

One of its defining characteristics is its low stretchability. Stainless Steel Strand exhibits minimal elongation when subjected to stress, a trait highly desirable for projects where precision and stability are paramount. This quality ensures that it maintains its structural integrity over time, even in situations where movement and load-bearing are constant factors.

Stainless Steel Strand is commonly enlisted for structural and stiffening applications, such as bridge suspensions and canopy supports. With this, the wire rope’s impressive load-bearing capacity and minimal stretching capabilities shine.

On the other hand, Stainless Steel Wire Rope, a close relative of the strand, offers a different set of advantages. While it may not match the strand’s breaking load, it brings forth a unique combination of refined aesthetics and adaptability. This adaptability is evident in its compatibility with a variety of fittings, giving designers and architects the freedom to explore a myriad of creative possibilities.

The wire rope’s more malleable nature lends itself well to angled and reversible applications, making it a favored choice for architectural and interior design features. Whether it’s crafting intricate balustrades or adding a touch of elegance with trellis designs, Stainless Steel Wire Rope delivers both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

It’s essential to note the Modulus of Elasticity for both Stainless Steel Strand and Stainless Steel Wire Rope. This value, should be confirmed by a static specialist for individual projects. For Stainless Steel AISI 316 Strand, the Modulus of Elasticity is approximately 1.3 x 105 N/mm. Stainless Steel AISI 316 Wire Rope, it’s about 1.0 x 105 N/mm. These values underscore the materials’ resilience and ability to withstand varying degrees of stress, providing valuable insights for precise engineering and design considerations.


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1.0mm, 1.5mm, 10.0mm, 12.0mm, 14.0mm, 2.0mm, 4.0mm, 6.0mm


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